Our music would be nothing without the guidance and leadership of our Musical Director and Conductors


Musical Director and Concert Band Conductor


The position of Musical Director is currently vacant, with the very recent resignation of our past MD, Mr Clatyon Fiander, who has done a great job in leading us in the past two years.  

The MD is responsible for taking weekly rehearsals for the senior band on Monday evenings at the Mountain Creek State High School, choosing and purchase of music, choosing music to play and conducting at events throughout the year, and attending Committe meetings, held monthly.  In collaboration with the committee, he or she is also responsible for assessing new members who wish to join the Band.  

Expressions of interest are invited.

Contact Dr James Moir, BCB President.  0419 669 678

Mr John Ward, BCB Vice President.   0424 239 229

By email to secretary@buderimconcertband.com



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